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Practical informations

Arrival time to wadi rum village

For the arrival time we offer two choices:

Departure time to wadi rum village

The departure is on the last day at the same time after breakfast. So between 9am and 9:30am or at the end of the day around 5.30 pm.
The ideal is therefore to plan stays of 24h, 48h, 72h… or even more but to foresee a departure time roughly the same as the arrival time.

In low season we can accept late departures. You then have the choice between extending your stay until after lunch or until the end of the afternoon.

the night in the desert

We only work in itinerant bivouacs. We are indeed opposed to any idea of camps. These fixed installations which are unfortunately too many, for the most part illegal, destroy the landscape. We’re not building anything in the desert.

At the end of the day your guide chooses a place sheltered by the rock and installs the camp. You spend the evening, take your dinner and sleep under the beautiful starry sky warmed by the fire of wood. To fall asleep while contemplating the Milky Way is an unforgettable experience. It is why we prefer the nights under the stars.

Important: We can not wash our mattresses and blankets between each visitor. If you are sensitive and want to sleep on a very clean fabric, we ask you to bring your own duvet, “meat bags” or sheets.

In terms of temperature, the heat of the rock, the fire and our big blankets allow us to sleep well throughout the year. If temperatures are to be exceptionally cold we will offer individual tents or spend the night in a traditional Bedouin tent.

facilities in the desert

As we refuse to build anything, there is of course no shower or toilet in the desert. We provide you with water for your toilet. It is very easy to find a quiet little corner to cool off and change. Bring with you toilet paper and a lighter to burn it and a small plastic bag for your waste (wet wipes, toilet paper…).

Organization of your personal belongings

In order not to overcharge the vehicles and facilitate your organization, we ask you to leave your big suitcases in your rental car or in the House of Atallah. It is ideal to carry with either only the bare minimum. We advice you to take a small backpack for the day (vest, water, sunscreen, camera…) + a bag with the necessary for the night to leave in the Jeep during the day.


All our meals are included in our prices. They are mostly meat based. However if you are vegetarian or follow a special diet there is no problem, our guides know how to adapt. On the other hand, you must talk to them as soon as you arrive, once the village has left it is no longer possible to go shopping.

Communication with the guides

Our guides are English speakers. Don’t panic if your level is low. They know how to adapt and our visitors always manage to exchange and forge links with their guides.


Payment is made at the end of the stay and only in cash. There are no ATM in the village. You must always plan this money with you before you arrive. 

arrival to wadi rum village

Entering the Wadi Rum area you will first pass through the visitor center. This is where you have to show and stamp your Jordan pass (if you have a Jordan pass you don’t have to pay the 5 JD entry fee). Don’t be fooled by scam attempts.

You must then go back in your taxi or rental car and drive another 5 minutes until the entrance of the village. The meeting point in on the map below, where is Atallah’s home.

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